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She is so funny, growing so much and being so awake. I was opening a new can and Melody wanted the empty one gerbergoodstart gerberformula gerber happybaby babymelody gerber - 4 months ago.

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Donation to pregnancyaidclinic in Roswell because every life matters prolife catholic clearance gerberformula gerber babyformula babies publix publixdeals publixcouponer publixclearance atlcouponer savvysavingstephanie - 4 months ago. Target Cartwheel has some seriously good offers right now. DM with interest Gerber Good Start Gentle Ease I got a surprise from pinchme today!

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Thank you pinchmefreesamples pinchmebox gerberformula grazebox bebottle - 9 months ago. Which brand do you prefer? Another photo for the gerberphotosearch most of the time she refuses to eat the bottle but she will always eat her hands!!! For just over 3 months I exclusively pumped and breastfed until it was no longer an option and my supply dropped. Target never checks. Most of their employees have never even seen one haha. I have to tell them what buttons to hit on the screen to make it go through. I find Walmart has weird rules like mine will only exchange diapers, no returns whereas Target gives you in store credit no questions asked.

I downloaded the shop savvy app to see who was running sales etc. I am just going to go somewhere else next time and see what happens. I Use ours at Costco and have never been asked. But we used one of ours last weekend and no one asked.

The check has my married last name and my membership doesn't? I also remember the Similac check stating in the fine print it can be only be used on the powder not the liquid. The only time it is only if is it says ANY size formula or brand. People using coupons on the wrong product when is specifically states a certain size are wrong, Plain and simple NO grey area!! She should be reported to the company for fraud!!

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First: I only tried to use the coupon for the larger formula one time. Second: For those asking where the Parents Choice coupon comes from, I only remember filling out an online form from the Parents Choice website months ago before my son was born, because I knew we would be using their formula.

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There is just 1 coupon in the mailer. I see how it can be a temptation, when certain items like formula are SO expensive, but to misuse the system is not right.

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Lilian, the scenario described was very specific. The ladies were using checks in ways that were specifically prohibited, purposefully. That is fraud. No way around it. Illegal and dishonest.

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I agree with you, if there are no specified restrictions on the check or on a coupon then I see no reason not to use it on a clearance item, even if overage is involved UNLESS the store policy is not to allow overage from a coupon. Nothing illegal or dishonest about that. This clearly was not the type of scenario the original poster was asking about.

It was sent to a specific person, and only that person should be the one to use it. I concentrate now on my shopping trip.

H: $15 similac checks, $2 similac coupon, (2) $3 Gerber formula coupon ISO: Enfamil checks

I stock up for three households due to the economy and do my best and wish all who coupon to be able to do the same. I do point out to the cashiers if there is a coupon I question and have them call the manager over just in case. My store, Publix, has been very good to me.

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If there is a question about accepting a coupon, I delete the item from the cart and continue on. Like others I concentrate on my shopping trip and try to do my best for my family and self. If the cashier is paying attention, there would be less fraud. Dig deeper. There are way shadier things going on in the coupon world and these formula checks are a small part of that. The shady couponers hope that you all will argue over small petty stuff like this and never learn what really goes on.

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