Cyber monday nerd deals

Gone were the Christmas cheer and caroling and chestnuts by the fire. These work your customers into an absolute deal frenzy.

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Those customers start to pig-pile on you. Then your vendors jump on the pile.

Black Friday is now a season, and it’s coming soon

Maximize email and Facebook and Adwords … you do have your Google Shopping feed optimized by now, right? You can hardly breath under that pig-pile at this point. So let me try to dig you out from under there …. Maximizing deals and sales are cool … but what about maximizing profits? Yeah profits. As in what you are going to use to buy your kid the best holiday gift ever. Increasing revenue is BS if every year you increase discounts more. My boy Hillstrom hammers the point home here — worth a skim. You were hoping to add new demand over this week?


Oh and in reallocating that demand you are moving it from high-margin to low-margin purchases. And finally, if you depend at all on paid acquisition, your customer acquisition costs are going to skyrocket.

Black Friday is now a season, and it’s coming soon - MarketWatch

Tuna salad. Will you be one of them? Use my ROI spreadsheet. It will help here because it takes discounts into account as you should. Oh, and carve a small control group out of your holiday offer craziness. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Black Friday e-commerce can really stress you out. I remember my first Black Friday as a retailer.

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It was The holidays kinda snuck up on us. Since that first Black Friday in retail, my holidays have never been the same. So let me try to dig you out from under there … Maximizing deals and sales are cool … but what about maximizing profits? At Karmaloop, the company increased sales yearly on Black Friday from ! Most retailers know that consumers like instant gratification, they do not want to pay for something and then wait days for it to be delivered. Luckily, places like Nordtrom are offering free shopping and in store pickup for Cyber Monday. For more of the latest tech news, tips, and advice, be sure to follow Nerds on Call on Facebook and Twitter!

Julissa: …Cyber Monday. Ken, with our resident Nerd On Call, checking out the hottest tech deals online.

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Ken: Thank you so much, Ryan, for hanging out to tell us a little bit more about how we can take advantage of the big, big Cyber Monday sales happening right now. Ryan: So this is one of my favorite websites. This is called The Verge, and here they listed the top 20 things to buy today, and unfortunately, a lot of the links are down already.

Ryan: Yeah, it was reported earlier that Target was down. Me and Court were trying to get Target to come up earlier. You can get Apple products, some of the hottest gear.

Okay, okay. What do we need? Ryan: This is pretty great. This is a Playstation 4 deal. This is an incredible deal. Target is owning today, but unfortunately, their website is just having some trouble. If you want to get an Xbox, go check out Walmart.

Cyber Monday has ended! Come back next year!

So this is a pretty great deal. Ryan: So you can just ship it right to the store and then go pick it up.

Psst! It's Not Too Late To Cop These Sweet Cyber Week Deals

T-mobile has the 6S. If you want to get a hoverboard, check it out. Hoverboards half off today, just go to eBay, they got them. They just slap on a different brand.