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Frugality is often confused with being poor or cheap and spending only the minimum.


But I've found that living a frugal life isn't about sacrificing and feeling deprived. Being frugal is learning to live smarter so that you can afford to live the life you want.

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I've always believed that the grocery budget is one of the most flexible categories in your budget. So here's how to save money on groceries.

There are so many things you can do to lower your grocery budget, and maximize your savings. I spoke about this topic on my Get Happy Mail! Share While also seeking out new customers matching your target demographic, you can additionally develop a strategy that shows how much you value your current customers.

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Your Message. Contact Us Learn More. Solo Direct Mail Targeted mailing lists allow businesses to mail specific business or consumer demographics. We mail in hyper-local zones of 10, households. This means easy coupons for you. You will find advert coupons just about anywhere.

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Most weeks you will find a good selection land through your mailbox. These tend to be coupons from local fast food stores who will mail out their own coupons by hand.

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If you are lucky then you may also find a couple of major chain fast food stores do exactly the same. This is very rare though as there are FAR more cost effective methods for them to get their coupons out there. If you are after ad coupons from the larger restaurants then you will do well to have a flick through magazines and newspapers from time to time.

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If you choose the right publications then I will be VERY surprised if you do not find anything in them. You obviously will not find the smaller fast food chains here as it can be quite cost prohibitive for the return that they are going to get. However you will find companies like McDonalds , Subway , and Burger King regularly sharing their vouchers.

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In some locations you may also find that the Ad Coupons are given out on the street. This is illegal in some locations. However in the places where it is legal a quick walk along the city center will land you more coupons that you will ever be able to use. It is worth noting that you will probably not be able to find every coupon distributed.

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  6. Not to worry though. I am sure that they will be more than happy too! Almost every major fast food restaurant out there will have a mailing list that you can subscribe to on their website.