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Plasma is used to help burn victims and hemophiliacs, along with other people. Without the plasma there to help, these people could suffer endlessly or even die, which goes to show how important it is for people to donate plasma. Plus, you get paid for this, so it is a situation in which everyone benefits. I have talked about selling your hair for cash before, but this is a bit different and can be scary for some folks, but it is relatively pain-free and super easy.

There are tons of places across the United States, many near you, that pay you for your blood plasma.

$250 on 5 donations-Donors absent more than 6 months! BioLife Plasma (Sioux City)

In order to qualify for plasma donation , there are a few requirements that you must meet. In addition, these donation centers want to ensure that you have no diseases which could be passed onto someone else. To understand more thoroughly what types of health problems could keep you from donating and whether or not donating plasma hurts, read this. BioLife has centers in almost all states and in many cities across the United States and it is one of the highest paying plasma donation centers.

Once again, this all depends upon the center. In addition to the actual cash that you get, some centers have prizes or gifts that they give to those who sell their plasma, as an extra incentive to get people to use their services. Most centers want people to donate around twice per week, so they want to encourage people to do this by offering extra incentives.

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Some centers even give you more money if come in twice a week. If you like this option, you may also be interested in how some folks are making money from clinical trials. I personally think donating plasma for money is a great way to not only make a few extra dollars but also to help others who depend on such blood donations for their health.

This is so wonderful! Just wondering, thanks.

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Hi Charly, I am not sure about the age restriction and whether or not parent sign off will help. Best option would be to call the local center and ask. Good luck. The said pay is a month. Kudos to you, my friend.

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Most of us tend to skim the content online so we miss a lot of the important info. If I can help somebody by taking a few seconds, even if it is something I already explained in the post or in reply to other commenters, why not, you know what I mean? We thank all Biotest Plasma donors across the United States for their commitment to saving lives. Meet our dedicated donors and learn about their plasma donation experiences. Your life-saving donations enable people who rely on plasma-based therapies to lead healthy lives.

Meet actual patients whose lives have been saved because of plasma donations. Eat a well balanced diet that may include fish, chicken, turkey, beans, tofu, fruits, vegetables, pasta, bread and non-dairy products. Start by being well hydrated by drinking water or caffeine free liquids throughout the day before your donation, as well as the same day you donate. Avoid fatty foods like butter, cheese, whole milk, ice cream, donuts, nuts, fried foods, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, gravy and heavy sauces.


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